Printing together will always cure together

Why all stick together after printing.
It is separated when placed
Clean and gray have this problem
I use FORM2+LT resin tank

Can you publish the Form file? For both clear and grey?

The gray one was discarded by me
Different documents. But all the same

Sorry - No preform file attached so its hard to say anything.

Just one more question - it is Formlabs Clear Version 4 resin? The supports diameter looks a little big and the print (in your picture) looks more yellow than normal??

Yes, mine is clear version 4
Is a new pot of resin
It will turn yellow after printing once
Don’t understand the reason
Feeling overexposed
The printer temperature has been around 38 degrees
This is a similar picture

The orientation and the raft type is very different in the picture you first posted,

Its more likely to print well with the orientation and base you have arranged in the screenshot from preform - Have you tried printing it like that?

Why have you arranged the parts towards the rear edge and towards one side of the vat?