Printing Splints with Dental LT Clear Resin

Hello guys,
Yesterday I tried printing a splint with Dental LT Clear Resin. It was clear after come out from Form 2. But it was discolored after wash and curing, it turned dull as in pics here.
What could be causes for this discoloration?

My prints do the same thing. I am not sure there is anything you can do about it.

Hello Hexaceram1995,

How long do you keep the parts in IPA and how long do you cure them afterwards?

Formlabs Support

I put my prints in an ultrasound cleaner of 90% IPA for 5 mins. then dry with forced air. Then cure for 30mins in cure box with qty 9, 365+405nm UV-9W-L UV Gel LED Light Bulbs. These are the combo bulbs that have two wavelengths every other LED. Sometimes I think I have to much UV light.

I rinsed it in IPA in the first ultrasonic bath for 2 mins. Then transferred to a new bath and rinse it for 3 mins. I put it in UV nail light box curing for 30 mins.

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