Layer Line issue

This is the first part I’ve encountered to have this issue after printing non stop for the past week (for the most part). Printed on the 3L with Grey at .1mm layer height.

Ball screw and linear rails were greased about a month ago.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!

Hi TJAR_Ryan,

Thank you for reaching out about this issue. Just to double check, did you have a chance to look over our Model orientation best practices for SLA printing? If that part was printed directly parallel to the build platform, that could be the cause.

I would also create a support case with our support team if you have not already with the file in question and the diagnostics of the printer so that the team is able to rule out as many possible issues as possible and provide further insight.

Yes, the part was printing directly on the built plate to ensure flatness.

I printing 3 other versions of this part and none had any issues similar.

Hi @TJAR_Ryan,

Thanks for the confirmation. In that case, there could be something else causing the issue aside from the model orientation. I would definitely recommend contacting Support as Phil mentioned in order to narrow this down further.

This ist probably caused by a cupping situation. The suction-force pulls the layers apart. You can avoid it by adding some grooves to the part to enable the resin to flow through (if it’s possible with the geometry).


This looks like an issue with your tank film. Since I presume you printed your other parts directly on the build platform (and likely in the same location), you may have overstretched the tank film. This will, in turn, cause the resin to cure on a non-flat surface and appear wavy and rippled. You may also see slices through the part and the supports, and in extreme cases the layers will look like the pages of an old wet book.

To address:
Print your part at angles in all axes to minimize peel forces and possible film damage
Print toward the edge of the tank
Print in different locations each time