Wavy print lines in clear

My guess is this will never get fixed right? Something unexpected with LFS? I had some hope as Grey V4 seemed to be fixed perfectly but seeing this 2 years after launch doesn’t get my hopes up.

Any body have a working work around?

Hmmm, that looks like warping due to the peel. Have you tried doing the Formlabs test print? That can be diagnostic of any issues with the LPU (perhaps it’s under-curing your parts…)

Why not print it standing straight up?
Yes, it adds more layers to it but also reduces the peeling force and may keep the part from warping during the print.

This has been a issue since day one with round objects in clear

I did, similar results

Does this happen everywhere on the buildplate? Or does the big wavy line occur at one specific height across other parts too? Maybe there’s even a smudge on the bottom of the tank, which causes problems.

You can find lengthy discussion about this on this forum. I was just wondering if someone found a way.

Its everywhere and mostly on round objects.

Didn’t they state this was due to tightening of the foil?