Parts placed near back edge of platform are coming out warped

Hi everyone.

I’m getting warped parts in every print right now. Anything placed near the back edge of the platform is coming out looking like they’re melting (areas are drooping). This was a brand new Form 3 resin tank. The previous one had reached its end of use time frame so I put this one in. I’ve printed 3 jobs on it so far and all 3 have had the same issue.

Any idea how to fix this? Is the tank likely defective?


It sounds like there might be a defect with the tank that you received (at least based on the information here); if you could please open a ticket with Support and include any photos of the parts and of the tank, they should be able to help you determine if that is the cause and get you a replacement tank if needed. I hope this helps!

I submitted a ticket. Thanks!

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Happy to help! The forum is great for community conversation and advice about out-of-scope applications, but any issue you are having with your printer will typically be solved the most quickly by the Support team. Have a great rest of your week!