What to do with old Form1+?

I recently got my hands on an old Form1+ that was lying around in our lab - we have a Form 2 now, so the first version became kind of obsolete. I kind of feel bad that a powerful machine like 1+ is collecting dust; it only worked once in five times, so trying to use it for its original purpose isn’t practical.
So my question is - does anyone have any cool pet-project ideas that could be realized using the hardware inside Form1+? I have a few artsy ideas, but I’m curious if any tinkerers or professional engineers on the forum could help me with inspiration:)

Print quick and dirty prototypes in Clear at 200um - at more than twice the speed of the Form 2 (by the time you account for temperature preheating, slower peels / wiper, etc. of the newer model). I did a project once where I had to iterate a lot, being able to spit out prints in 15-20 minutes really sped up the early stages.

Also search the forums / blog posts for OpenFL for some more exotic ideas.

I have the same question and none idea. Please explain your ideas. Greetings.

Thanks for the note! I was actually just reading about it here: OpenFL: an API for the Form 1 / 1+

This sounds absolutely awesome, wasn’t aware of it until today. So glad that formlabs actually made it a bit more open source!

hm, that’s really neat! kind of a shame that one can’t do something like that with Form2.
unfortunately wouldn’t work with my 1+ - while the laser is still working, the sensors related to tanks and resin are messed up.

Refresh my memory - I didn’t think the Form 1+ had any resin sensors?