Any Upgrade program to Form1+?

Will there be any sort of upgrade program for Form1 owners to upgrade to Form1+?

Also will the new resin tanks fit the old Form1’s?

+1 to both questions.

While it’s great that Formlabs are addressing issues and developing the product, it would be nice to think that early adopters will get some payback for their support in making the company the success it is. I’m not asking for anything for free by the way!

Hi Jonathan and Daniel,

Check out this link for info on the upgrade program:

The new resin tanks will fit just fine in a Form 1.

These were the exact two question that I was going to ask.

Also, perhaps some kind of retrofitting kit? Delivery and import fees were a major part of the costs, to me, in the UK.

When I saw the animation on the Form1+, I realized that the machines are quite similar mechanically, so I was wondering if we were going to be able to upgrade through FormLabs or if we would have to retrofit our machines based on others experiences around the web. I look forward to upgrading my Form1. This is good news, because I think it needs maintenance anyways.:wink:

Will the old resin tanks work in the new Form +1? I have 4 resin tanks and I don’t want to have to buy all new ones if I upgrade. If they won’t will you give the option to trade in the old ones for the new ones?

Hi Richard,

Resin tanks are interchangable in both directions:  You can use a new tank in a Form 1 or

use an old tank in a Form 1+ (though the old tanks don’t allow out-of-printer resin storage).

Thanks for info. Just placed my order! :slight_smile:

The 1 year warranty is a huge deal for me. Didn’t feel comfortable with the 3 year warranty and being paranoid the laser would possibly fail in the near future especially after my warranty was up. Hopefully the new improved parts will allow people to have more success with the larger prints.

@Tom Kolodotschko

We won’t be able to offer a kit to perform the upgrade yourself because of the complex calibration software and tools required for the process.  Fortunately, with our new European Store (, shipping time, costs, and import fees should be significantly reduced.

*meant 3 month warranty not 3 year.

Cool! Will be looking forward to upgrading our Form 1 soon.