What to do when form 2 platform stick on glass tank?

So I just got this form 2 about 2 days ago, I use the 3rd party resin with open mode just like most pepple on video does.
Now the platform total stuck with glass tank that it can not even go up.
What is the next step after remove the resin?
Should I tear the whole thing apart?

Turn off the machine and manually rotate the z-screw so the platform moves up. This way you can slowly peel the platform loose from the tank.

Next time only use a 3rd party resin in closed mode and one that is designed for this printer :wink:

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No need to tear the whole thing apart! You should be able to spin the lead screw with your fingers to raise the platform.

You can also gently unseat the tank and/or build platform to give yourself a little wiggle room to work with so everything can be taken out. :slight_smile:

Thank you. Problem solved.

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