What’s causing this orange peel texture and jagged supports in my prints?

The last few prints I’ve done in black resin on my Form 2 have come out with odd textures where they should be smooth, and this latest print had created some jagged looking supports. Has anyone else experienced this?

Here are some images of that print:

There have been a few failed prints in this resin but I’ve filtered it both times and cleared the window to smooth with the knife tool. There is a tiny bit of haze in the window from a big print but I’m not printing this model near that haze. Printing was done at 25 micrometers.


That is the look I get when the resin is contaminated. Sometimes filtering doesn’t get all the partially cured resin out of the tank for me.

I would test the resin by draining the tank into a container (water bottles work great as long as they are clean and dry). Then fill from the cartridge with clean material. If that fixes things the resin in the tank is the problem.

Obviously if you filtered resin back into the cartridge this won’t work. This is why I never filter or pour back into the cartridge.

This happened when I had a malfunction on the laser itself…

First make sure your resin isn’t expired(1 year after production), make sure it’s clean and you tank PDMS is still good. Best to contact support if you still have problems.

Could be:
-Resin expired
-particles in resin
-resin not mixed enough
-some parts aren’t supported enough and are coming apart during printing which makes particles in the resin

The resin is a month old, as is the printer. I didn’t get any printing errors until I had one fall during the print, and have had several errors in this resin since then. After each failure I filter the resin with the paint filter, clear out the tank with a scraper and pour the filtered resin into the tank. Not the cartridge.

Last night I performed a Formlabs black resin test print and all the butterfly logos fell some time during the print as I discovered this morning. Maybe the resin is contaminated. Should I toss the resin in the tank?

There could be a few possible causes for this, and our support team will be best suited to help out. You can expect an email from a member of our team soon.

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