Orange peel and poorly cured surface / Blackv4

The printer is 2 weeks old, has made 4 runs a 10h with Blackv4
Since 2 print the surface has a partial orange skin.

The surface dries badly after cleaning with IPA. It feels like a porous surface.
After curing, I can smooth the surface by grinding. But that’s not the surface I’m waiting for.

I filtered the resin and cleaned the resin tank LT,
The bottom plate and the tank have no visible traces.
The glass which separates the laser from the resin tank has traces on the bottom which I can not explain.!

the tracks under the glass

still fresh in the printer / the red area is affected

after washing with IPA and dry / the red area is affected


i worked with the support for a few days.
thanks again for the friendly support.

the solution was to clean the optical disc from the bottom.
this had an oily surface.

Hey there @heiko_w,

Thanks for taking the time to post here! I’m sorry to hear you’re having some optical issues with your recent prints! Definitely not the sort of behavior we want to see at all, especially from a relatively new Form 2!

To me it does look like your diagnosis was pretty dead on, and some contamination of the optical path between the laser and the resin is causing some bad looking surfaces.

In order to most efficiently get to the bottom of this issue so you can keep printing, please reach out to our support team at the link below and we’d be happy to take a look and figure out what’s going on.

All the information you shared here about what you tried already is super valuable, so please feel free to include that, as well as these same pictures in your email.

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