What may have caused this feature to print broken?

what could this be? The big flat feature is interrupted like broken, but the rest of the print has continued.
Of course it is not broken in the design, and it appeared fine in PreForm 2.3.1.
I have seen in the PreForm changelog something about fixing an incorrect peel cycle, could it be related?

Odd that the flat surface would stop but parts that attach to it would print. Almost seems like something may be wrong with the model. Normally preform would highlight or fix that. Have you looked at your model where the print failed?

Also, did you print this more than once and get the same problem? If so, could be the file.

I asked the model designer to review it and will be printing it again. As you say, the way it is broken is very odd and it makes me think on a bug in PreForm or the printer firmware.

Here is another one. This was printed at 0.1 mm vertical resolution. Note how the supports have small spurious protuberances, as well as the main piece, all around. Also, the feature in the top left is broken in the same way as the other print I shared above. This time, I designed the piece from scratch myself and am positive that it has no defects - it’s just a hollow cylinder created in just a few cylinder sentences in OpenSCAD.
Any ideas about what can be causing this? Previous prints with the same cartridge were just fine.
Should I open a case with tech support?

I would be glad to look at the file if you want to email it to me at mrrabeck@gmail.com just to see if there is anything obvious. Depending on its size, I may do a test print though I am hesitant to contaminate my tank with leftover junk.

I am sending you an email reply.

Many thanks for your comments and sharing your knowledge!

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