What is diffrence between flgpwh01 and flgpwh02?

What is difference between flgpwh01 and flgpwh02?
Is it ok to maintain resin tank when i change flgpwh01 to flgpwh02??

The resin profiles for each resin are different. That is why the revision of the resin is after the name. I would use up as much of the previous version resin, then clean out the remaining resin. Then move to the new version. I would not mix them.

Here’s the release post for White Resin V2. You’ll see quite an improvement in quality and aesthetic for V2. As @DavidRosenfeld mentioned, the material profiles are different so it’s important that you use the correct settings for printing.

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I change resin types in my trays from time to time without any issues. Just pour out the old material and wipe the tray out with a lint free cloth.

If there are little streaks of the old material or little drops in the corners it’s not a big deal from what I’ve seen. Just wipe out what you can. I don’t use IPA for this because it can contaminate the resin and print funny.

I use white 02 exclusively now. Prints are fantastic.