What investment powder to used for purple resin?


hi we have just starting using the purple wax and Ive done a few trials in casting straight to silver with unsuccessful cast, each time the models come out with a very rough, porous, textured surface.
Ive tried several different changes such as

*using pro cad
*leaving longer to air dry at room temperature
*putting flask into preheated oven
*change the oven burn out
*making sure the resins are well spaced in the tree and upright

  • using fresh investment powder

i really don’t know now what else to try??? any ideas??
I’m currently using omega+ goldstar has anyone used this and received successful casts in either silver or gold or what other investment powders would you suggest using

Hey there @faller,

Thanks so much for your post. Sorry to hear your casting hasn’t come out super clean at this point.

Do you mind if I ask whether the print itself is smooth straight out of the printer? Or are you seeing a porous bumpy surface on the print as well as the final casted product?

I have been dealing with this same problem since the purple resin came out, i bought it the first day it was released. on another forum i saw a burnout that changed everything. i have had five flawless casts since i started using it. i am using R&R plasticast and just mix as per the instructions and use this burnout. Rates are per hour. I would love to see your results

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BTW, this burnout was used for prestige optima, but works great with plasticast. I also coat the models with lamp oil before investing

hi DKirch
Thanks for your reply, no the prints have been fine (apart for one mishap so far which i sorted after cleaning out the tank) The bumpy rough surface is only happening at the cast stage. i believe now its the burnout programme I’m using and I’m in the process of of doing a few tests runs which i hope will be successful

hi antsaldana

Thanks for your reply and information, i am in the process of testing using different burnout programmes which i believe is possibly the problem. i was originally using one form labs suggested and twerking it a bit but now believe i should follow more closely with the burnout goldstar suggest (i’m using goldstar omega+ investment powder)
Lamp oil? this is a new one, i’ve never heard that, does it help? i’ve have a flask ready to put in the oven tonight and used pro cad to coat a few to see the difference. Ill let you know if the burnout work out any better than the previous few :crossed_fingers:


this is a sample of previous attempts :angry:

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The lamp oil definitely helps, its just something i learned early on casting resin models. i think the key to the burnout is having a longer drying time at or under 300 F. Every burnout i tried with any soak time between 300 and top casting temp was a complete failure. we had another perfect casting this morning with that burnout. hope this helps

I’m having the same casting results as faller, I will try the new burnout schedule, and I also bought a surfactant, we’ll see how that works. I also bought platicast with bandust, previously using just plasticast. Good luck!

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