New Castable Resin and platinum

Has anyone done any clean and successful castings in Platinum using the new castable resin (purple stuff)? All the casting houses I’m speaking to seem to be having a bit of an issue with it.
Silver and 18kt seem to be fine…unless I just got lucky with a couple of casts.



techform casts the purple for me all the time in platinum. always perfect!

Ive just starting printing with the castable wax resin (purple stuff) and had a relatively successful platinum cast not 100 % perfect but good enough to work with i used goldstar Pro-HT platinum investment powder. However after doing 3 separate casting in silver using the goldsatr omeg+ i still haven’t been able to get a successful cast in silver, each time the models come out with a very rough, porous, textured surface.
Ive tried several different changes such as

*using pro cad
*leaving longer to air dry at room temperature
*putting flask into preheated oven
*change the oven burn out
*making sure the resins are well spaced in the tree and upright

  • using fresh investment powder

i really don’t know now what else to try??? any ideas?? what investment powder do you use

Where are they based?

I’ve gotta say I’m an bit lost when it comes to casting, you sound like you know a lot more than me. I’m more a diamond mounter / CAD designer with a printer that can’t print anything that can be cast in platinum

Techform is in portland oregon

I have used quite a bit of the Castable Wax resin and i have learnt quite a number of things along the way. A perfect casting means the alignment of the stars but there are people who align them day in day out.

Hi Faller, i hope i can help you try and solve your casting issues.

Firstly, ensure that your resin jewelry are cleaned thoroughly after taking out from the printer. Personally i dip it 10 mins in pre wash, 5 mins in final wash AND i dip it in a BRAND NEW IPA for about a minute. Uncured resin, although not felt by our fingers can react with investment and cause a host of surface problems.

Secondly, use pressured air to blow dry the resin jewelry and wait for about 30 mins to ensure no more IPA are present on the resin ring. IPA will react with investment. If you do not have pressured air, just leave them out to dry for at least an hour.

Thirdly, how long did you ‘leave longer to air dry at room temp’? Actually the length of this time depends on the size of flask and the humidity level. I am living along the equator with humidity levels above 90%. Therefore, I usually air dry my 3" x 5" flask for 4 hours before loading into the oven.

Next, ensure a clean burnout. Meaning, increase air flow into oven to help the efficiency of the burning of the resin. Consider adding more sprues to the resin jewelry to ensure good oxygen flow and thus efficiency of burning, speed of burning and lastly leaving no ash residue.

Your burnout schedule should be proportionate to your flask size. Bigger cake require a longer baking time. In our case, the heat will take a longer time to reach the depths of bigger flasks (more volume of investment), and thus require longer peak time to ensure clean burnout.

There are many many factors to consider to get a perfect casting. Hope to hear good news from you guys soon :slight_smile:

thanks for your response can i ask what investment powder your using? and whats the burnout programme

I have been using Kerr Satin Cast 20 for casting both my resin and wax castings. So far i have been getting good castings results with a burnout schedule using a 2.5" x 5" flask is:

170 degrees C - 1 Hour
370 degrees C - 1 Hour
730 degrees C - 3 Hours
620 degrees C - 1 Hour

620 degrees C is my flask casting temp for 750 white gold with alloy and usually with 30% new material.