Way to mix the tank without starting print

I have had a tray that was out of the printer for some time. I would like to mix the resin to a uniform color before starting the print. Is there a mix command? All i could figure out is to start a print and abort a couple of times.

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Hi @r2Maker,

I believe starting and aborting a print as you’ve done would be the easiest way to have the printer mix automatically. As an alternative, you could pour or filter the resin into a separate plastic container, shake it up, then pour it back into the tank.

There could be an entry added in the maintenance menu, for wiper test and resin mixing?


I could certainly see that being a useful feature in case a tank had been left idle for some time. I’ll share this feedback with the team - thanks for the suggestion!

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I second that, option like that would be awesome. Say a timed step to mix resin for 1, 5 and 10min


We would also very much welcome this function.
Especially since we always have several filled tanks and switch between them, it quickly happens that some tanks are not used for several weeks and are then used again for a project.

This function has also been suggested several times, including some time ago.

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Indeed a timed premix function would be super handy for those
users who need to keep stockpiles of assorted resins at the ready

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I’ll vouch for this addition too!!

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