Automatic resin 'homogenizer'

Might have already been suggested, but how about a ‘mixer’ function? (Lower the build platform and then run the peel cycle continuously to mix up the resin in the tray.)

My printer sits idle for days on end, so pigment is always settled out when I go to print. No matter how long I manually mix after scraping the bottom of the tray it seems my first print or two always have poorly cured sections and are much more prone to failure than later ones. After a couple prints though, it seems like the pigment is fully mixed and things start working better. I’d like to be able to run that ‘machine mix’ cycle for maybe 5-10 minutes vs. standing around to do it by hand (which doesn’t seem to work as well anyway) without needing to make a sacrificial print in the process.

I have the same thing but what I do is empty the tank through a filter and with the scraper clean the tank. The haze so far always clears off. Then I refill my tank. Doing this between EVERY print ensures I have good mixed clean resin. So far I haven’t had any failures other than my own fault through model error or orientation.

Adding a mixing cycle won’t scrape the bottom nor filter the resin. It will also add more mechanical workings which means more things can go wrong and add to the cost of the machine.