Stir function for flexible and other high solids resins

There are some resins I do not use very often. The tend to settle in the tank between uses. A good example of this is flexible resin. One of its components tends to settle to the bottom surface of the printing reservoir and leaves a white coating. Before printing. I spend a while gently squeegeeing it off the bottom not knowing if it would impact the print if I did not do that. I also mix up the resin that is in the reservoir in addition to mixing the supply tank itself.

So here is the suggestion. Add an onscreen stir function. It could be preprogrammed per material or just let us set it for 15 minutes or 20 etc. of moving the wiper back and forth to mix the resin in the tank. The movement that happens before printing in the current set up does not seem to be enough IMHO.


Settling in pigment-heavy resin is indeed a pita… although I doubt the wiper by itself would be able to get the resin back to an homogeneous state, it doesn’t hust to ask.

For be the biggest issue with that is that you can’t check/sovle homogeneity issues in the cartridge itself. I’m actually surprised settling in the cartridge isn’t causing more issues…

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If I could set it to squeegee back and forth for 30 minutes, it would do a pretty good job mixing the stuff up, I think. Especially if is was done while the tank was heating.

On the cartridge, all I can do is turn it over an over in multiple directions to try to mix it up.

The only issue I have with stirring with the wiper is wear on the tank.

I like to manually stir the resin in the tank with a rubber spatula. For the cartridge it takes a lot of shaking.

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