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Form 3L: Tank Prep needed. Print time lost due to filling

Ran a print last night monitoring timing (previous print used 183ml 10K).
0) Click send file: 9:30pm

  1. generate file: 2min
  2. send file (local network): 5min
  3. Printing ‘started’: 9:38pm
  4. 8% at 10:30, layer 0
  5. 10% at 10:40, layer 0
  6. layer 1 start: 10:53pm (print showed 11% done).

It took over 70 minutes to fill the tank. This needs to be addressed with either a new fill routine or an added ability to manually prep the tank during idle/file prep time. This was an over night print so planned for the time but for a quick turn print that is only 2 hours, this would be 30% additional time lost during working hours.

The sequence of heat, mix, fill already exists: Please add a button that would allow us to run this sequence and stay at temp for XX mins post fill while running the mixer every few minutes.


I second this. Please. This has been something we’ve been asking for since we’ve gotten our Form 3L, I know we aren’t the only ones, why is this not an option already?

If I was wasting that much time on the filling (I don’t have a Form 3L so my fill times are not as bad) I would just pour resin into the tank instead of letting the machine fill it. Yeah, the amount of resin the printer thinks is in the cartridge would be way off but since those calculations suck and are way off anyway I wouldn’t care about it.


I agree because I always do that, not only when a new tank needs to be filled but also when I see it needs to fill a considerable amount.
Letting the printer fill the tank is a long process especially with those cartridges that drip only a thin line.

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Also what exactly does priming do? That would Seem a perfect time to start filling (to me being primed means ready to go - not ready to hurry up and wait)

Note, I always do the pre-pour method as well.

As far as I’m aware, priming only tells the printer to starting printing something you send to it using Preform.
It does a few simple checks and then it sits idle waiting for something to print. It doesn’t make it any faster in terms of print speeds, it’s just to avoid you going to the printer and manually staring the job.

Oh, for sure. I meant the “what does it do” in a rhetorical sense. Like why isn’t it spending some time to actually be ready and save time when you go to print?

If you’re referring to filling the tank, it can’t know exactly how much resin it will be needed for the next print. If you print a 10ml part it most likely won’t fill the tank but a 100ml one might.

You can always speed things up a bit by pre-heating the resin but that will count for the tank lifespan.