Form 3L manual filling

Our Formlabs 3L printer had serious issue with filling tank action taking too long. New print would sometimes stall at filling tank up to 8 hours. After many trial and errors we came up with idea that our resin level sensor might be faulty. Overfilling tank with 4L of resin would trigger to start the print immediately without any LCD prompts. Measuring the exact distance from resin level we developed ultrasonic end-stop, so that we could trigger print process manually without waiting when all the cartridges will be emptied. I’ll share the 3D model so that you guys could enjoy more printing then filling until we get fully manual mode for our 3L.
You will additionally require 1 x neodymium magnet (20 mm x 10 mm x 1 mm) and some adhesive.

Sensor_blocking_platform_v1,2.form (868.9 KB)

So I understand this correctly, does it cause the sensor to always read the tank as Full?

Also is there any reason it couldn’t come straight up and latch onto the metal plate above to avoid the need for adhesive?

What measurement did you get for a full tank? (I think that plate looks higher than my tank ever fills? I don’t recall the mixer being completely submerged)

  1. Yes, it does reads that the tank is overfilled
  2. We didn’t want to block sensor completely but it might work. Adhesive is used only for welding magnet with printed part, as a result it can be positioned freely on any level.
  3. Usually printing was initiated by printer when both 2L cartridge’s were emptied (mixer almost fully submerged). Filling 2L more would initiate printing immediately (7 cm from sensor to resin level).
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