Slow tank fill

Realizing that an empty 3L tank takes a while to fill, I’m currently seeing an extremely slow fill on this particular 3L.

These are the events that occurred:

  • Print sent to printer Friday afternoon (this is a 34hr print)
  • Saturday morning noticed print was paused in dashboard.
  • Went to the lab to inspect, no resin had been dispensed into the tank.
  • Re-seated the catrdiges and observed a very, very slow trickle of resin into the tank.
  • Monday morning, printer again errored out due to no resin
  • Pulled cartridges, removed the nipples and made sure there were no clogs in the cartridge
  • Replaced cartridges and resumed
  • Resin begain flowing as expected for about 5 minutes then stopped. I assumed that might be normal
  • Came back several hours later. No resin flowing and the tank was not filled.

This seems to be going way too slow. I shook the cartridges slightly while installed and resin flowed out but then stopped. Should it really take 8 hours to fill a tank? This is not what I experienced with my other 3L

Hi @SteamFactory,

Thanks for reaching out. The resin dispense should be flowing in a small, steady stream (much like a thin pencil lead). We recommend manually pouring a full liter of resin into an empty 3L resin tank prior to starting the print to cut down on filling time. If no resin is dispensing at all over a long time period, there might be an issue with the printer’s resin level sensing system. I would advise getting in touch with Support for them to check the printer’s diagnostic logs for further insight.

Thanks Jess,
Our service tech and I have determined that the finger lever thing that pinches the rubber dispensing nozzle at the bottom of the cartridge has become gummed up with resin. Cleaning this fixed the problem.

I intentionally did not pre-fill the tank as I wanted to see how long it would take to fill from empty.

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