Resin vat/tank slow to auto refill?

My new Form2 fills the tank at a snails pace and stops at intervals. It takes anywhere from 20 to 40 mins to fill an empty vat.

Is this normal?

Did you click open the tab on the top right of the resin cartridge?

It is pretty slow, but 40 mins seems long. It’s a closed-loop system so it dispenses a bit of resin (which trips slowly), then measures the level (which takes a long time too) and then decides if it need to add more resin or not.

EDIT : I just started a print in Durable with new cartridge & new tank few hours ago. The filling operation did take much more than 30min, I don’t remember it being so slow but I hadn’t filled a completely empty tank in a while.

Before I load any new resin cartridge into the Form 2 I turn it upside down, remove the orange bite valve cover and push the bite valve with my finger until the slit opens up fully. Some of them you really have to keep pushing with some force before they open at all.

I’d be willing to bet that is your issue… Take the cartridge out (make sure you have closed the top vent) turn it over and check to see if the bite valve is opening fully…push it until it does, reinstall the cartridge and you’ll be good to go…Hopefully !

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That is pretty normal for first fill. On consecutive prints it shouldn’t take that long.
Couple things to check:

  • Did you shake the cartridge before first use? Our resins don’t settle much, but this will speed up dispense.

  • Is your room cold, or did you store resin in a cold room? Colder resin is more viscous and flows slower.

  • Is the venting cap open?

Dispense mechanism is designed to dispense small amounts; first fill requires 150ml or so, so it takes bit longer.
I hope this helps.

If it’s already dispensing resin OK I also wouldn’t mess with the valve, just to make sure you don’t do something that might make it leak.


Its fairly cold in my basement workshop. I was wondering why all my prints took almost an hour longer to print. I realized the tank warmer and resin top off are super super slow. Even when my shop was warmer earlier in the week,.

Yes I checked all the no brainers. I wasn’t sure if this was normal that it came out like a slow dribble. My shop is failry cold since its in my un insulated basement and I live in MA.

Yeah I checked that and its not the issue.

I just started a new print, white V4 in a new LT tank and timed it till I got a “tank full” message on the screen…it took slightly less than 13 minutes. Our printing room is a heated office and I did the bite valve check as noted earlier.

I know you said that you opened the valve on the top of the cartridge but I guess a long shot could be that the cap is restricted somehow…Maybe unscrew the cap and leave it off, that would eliminate any restriction that might be in the cap itself…

What is “fairly cold”, 50s F ? or ??

50F to 60F depending on the time of day. Next time around I will take the cap off all together to see if that helps. It seems to be more of an issue with the printer pumping resin in intervals when filling up. Its constantly pausing while filling. It will pause several times for minutes at a time. Then when it does release resin its a slow trickle.

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Dispensing mechanism does not know exactly how much it dispensed. Printer pauses and measures exact amount of resin with a separate sensor and if it determines that it is not enough, it will dispense again. Only the first fill takes a bit of time, if the tank is already pre-filled, print should start relatively fast. If you want to start print faster on a new tank, you can pour around 100ml directly from the cartridge to the tank.

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