Form 2: takes forever to fill the tank

Is it supposed to take an hour to fill the tank? I guess next time I should dump some resin in before I start, to speed things up.

It can take some time if you’re doing it for the first time, heating and filling the tank probably takes like maybe 10 minutes or so. I recommend to just let it do its thing. If it’s not heating up correctly go into the printer settings and make sure that it says that the tray is there. One time I put it on there and it didn’t quite read it and it didn’t indicate that so it never started heating.

Your bite valve may be partially stuck. Try taking your cartridge out of your printer and gently pushing on the valve until you see the slit open. Don’t press too hard, but there should be plenty of room for resin to come out. Also, be sure the vent cap is open! The image below shows what it should look like.

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