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Manual preheat / mixing control (+ fill)

Has manual preheating / mixing been implemented yet? Also remote temperature reporting?

In colder environments preheating and mixing can exceed the length of a small print job by an order of magnitude or more, making end times completely unpredictable.

It would seem an essential feature to be able to start such an action remotely (whether primed or not) so that the printer can be prepared in advance of sending a print to it. e.g. a schedule to say start preheating at 5am or whatever could be set to ensure the printer is READY to actually start printing first thing after “priming”.

That way the first few layers can be watched in person to check for print failures and make better use of time - have a print available during working hours too.

Also if preheating times / temperature can be monitored then we can learn the characteristics of preheat and set a sensible expectation based on ambient temp.

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I feel your pain. I keep my printer in a cosy this time of year to keep temperatures up. Some additional tricks to keep your printer working:

  • Don’t prime it if you can avoid it. I find that the fan turns on as soon as I prime it, which quickly reduces the resin to room temperature. Turning on heating during priming would be nice to have; I guess that’s a subset of what you’re proposing.

  • The printer cosy helps things warm up faster, but I’ve also been gradually adjusting my minimum acceptable start temperature downward … a personal minimum of 28C makes a huge difference in heating time, and I haven’t experienced any adhesion problems.