Form 3 Enhanced Remote Monitoring

At the moment, it just says “Printing”… when in fact it could be ‘pre heating’ or ‘filling the tank’ or whatever…

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be too far a stretch to enable the ability to get a bit more detail on the printing stages in the dashboard (and preform) without having to resort to setting up cameras and the like to see the display.

Preform just counts down time remaining from the estimated time as soon as the print is sent - one time I think it said 0h remaining and printing hadn’t even actually started :slight_smile:

Better still a remote control panel (remote display echoing the printers display panel) would be excellent - this would then permit remote priming too (in cases where power to the printer is remotely controlled).

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I’ve whined about the same thing. The remote monitoring should tell you exactly the same stuff that’s on the front panel of the printer itself. When it’s heating, it should tell you it’s heating (and the current and target temps), when it’s filling it should tell you it’s filling. And the print time shouldn’t start the clock until these preliminary steps are completed. Depending on how warm the area is where your printer is located, the preheat and fill steps can add more than an hour to the print time. The printer will show 0% until these steps complete, and then when it finally starts to print the first layer the time the printer’s been not-printing is counted against the print time estimate. So if you have a job that Preform says will take 2 hours to print, and the printer takes 1 hour to get through the startup stuff, as soon as it starts on layer 0 it’ll say “50% complete” making the print time estimate and percentage complete details all but useless…

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