"Printer Ready" mode, AKA Remote Start Mode

It would be great to be able to leave the printer ready to accept a file download and just start the pre-heating/printing process. For this, of course, the part sent must be compatible with the material in the printer,… but I can’t tell you how many times a week this would save a TON of time.

It’s not like I don’t know the printer is ready to print, so I just don’t see the risk of making a “wait for part” mode. Much like many of your competitors.

Thanks for the suggestion!

We’re looking into a few different mechanisms for implementing remote printing.

One of the suggestions we received was for a pre-print checklist that a user could go through to ‘prime’ the machine for printing. Upon uploading the file, a checkbox would allow you to enable remote print start. This is something we’re continuing to look into going forwards.

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I like the checklist idea. How make sure no one has touched the printer i.e. closed the resin cartridge or taken out the build plate. These have no feedback loop.
Maybe if the lid gets opened the option is disabled until the checklist is reviewed again. For the opened cartridge the printer already knows when the resin level gets low.