Dashboard could tell us a bit more


Dashboard currently says my printer is printing. But if I go look at it, it says “preheating” on the display. As I have previously noted, in my cool basement preheat can take a significant amount of time, as much as 30 minutes. It’d be great if the dashboard distinguished between preheat and actually printing, and when in preheat it displayed the current temperature. So if something’s “gone off the rails” I can tell from my upstairs office and not have to drag my sorry ass down to the basement to see that the printer is still 0.1º below the starting temperature…


I agree, more granular notifications like “heating”, Filling" would be helpful additions. Once the print is going it is nice that dashboard tells you the percentage and the layer being printed. But I would love to have some documentation how long it takes from the time I press print to when printing actually starts so I can get a slightly better idea of when my print is going to finish.


Agreed. Including a notice and estimate when one has changed from one resin to another. The empty resin process takes a long time.