Layer Count on Dashboard doing something strange

According to Dashboard, I’m currently 11% in to a print, that consists of 969 layers, but I am still on layer 0.

I exited out of the Dashboard and then reselected it, same result.

The printer says it’s on layer 4.

Oh, wait! Now Dashboard says I’m on layer 3. But it also says I’m now 12% in to the job…

Something is busted.


I see what it did. I used the estimated print time from the slicer as the denominator in the percent complete calculation. But the numerator is elapsed time, not the actual time spent printing. In my case, it took the printer slightly more than 1 hour to preheat and fill before it even started the print. That time was counted, when it should not have been.


The Dashboard should tell you when it is preheating (it should tell you the current temp and target temp), and it should tell you when it is filling, and these things should be tallied separately from the actual print time since they are non-deterministic. The reason print time estimates are always way out of whack is that my printer is a cool basement workshop, it always takes it an excruciatingly long time to preheat and fill.

And really, the “PRIME” function on the printer should start the preheat cycle, even progressing on to the fill process. The printer, once primed, should be ready to start printing immediately (if it’s been given enough time between priming and sending a job to the printer). It shouldn’t wait for the job to load before going through these job-independent startup operations.


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