Dashboard Print Completion % Err

I updated PreForm to latest, 3.22.1, and sent a print through. This was on a new tank and a cartridge swap shortly after sending the print. As usual, the new tank filling took for ever and popped up several errors which were resolved with repeated “Retry” selections.
Once the tank filled and the print actually started, I checked on the dashboard status and saw something odd - it read 97% complete though it was only on layer 2/373.
Since getting pics together and writing this, it has backed off to 77% complete, layer 52.

Anyone else experience this?

That’s always the case when it takes too long to fill the tank. The percentage seems to be calculated by time and, if it takes 60 minutes to fill the tank in a 90 minutes print it will start at ~66% for example.

Here’s a recent example of what I got a few days ago:

100% with less than 1 minute to go but still hasn’t reached half of the print with more than 200 layers to go.

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Got it, thank you. Perhaps I either accepted or ignored it previously :sweat_smile: