Print Estimates Wildly Off

After updating to 3.21.0, print estimates have been worse than usual. The last several prints have been stuck at <1 min left for a long time while it finished up the last 50-100 layers. Even at the beginning of the print, sometimes it’ll reach 50% before it even puts down the first layer. We are essentially taking the estimate and doubling it to even get into the ball park of what it actually takes.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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I have same issue, I got my printer month ago and since than, larger prints take twice as long than estimated time.

I have noticed that resin fills the tank super slowly, few times it even reported filling failure. Maybe our printers are waiting on resin top up and that adds to printing time.

Possibly, but my estimates are totally bunk even if the tank is already full and it gets going right away. As we speak, I just had a print that was estimated at 2.5 hours that took 4 hours and 40 mins :expressionless:

FL acknowledges that the info on the printer is inaccurate (for example when it shows <1 min and has an hour, or more to go) and are working on fixing that bug.

Preform is closer to reality, but still way too optimisitc.

I now just ignore the print time estimates. They’re not helpful. Maybe add 50% for planning purposes.


So formlabs keeps lying…

And now pushes users to ditch the F3 and spend more money on the 3+

It’s not lying, it’s a gift for fiction.

Happens to me too. I call it “Microsoft Minutes.”

is this only for the print estimates on the printer side or also ignore the ones in preform as well?

Preform is getting closer, but not exact. I’d say within 20%, since it still doesn’t seem to be aware of the time it takes to load resin.

It’s especially bad with Tough2000, which is very viscous, which makes for long fill times.

I believe if you started the clock when the printer starts layer 1, PF would be reasonbly accurate.