Time Estimation.?


Hi folks.

Maybe the time should be Time Very Estimation!

I’ve not had this printer long (Form 2) but everything I’ve put through so far has been at least 25%-50% longer than the ‘Time Remaining’ on the printer.

Does the Form 2 work in some kind of time dilation within the orange box?

But seriously, is there any way to make this indication more reliable?

Many thanks.


Add 25 to 50% to the time and it will be more accurate(at least 25% more). Nothing to do about it.

You could try contacting support and see if there is something with your machine


As of PreForm 2.20, the print-time estimates should be much closer. https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/PreForm-Release-Notes?language=en_US#2-20-0


Haha!. Perfect. :grin:


Good to know, thank you.


I’ve noticed that the time guesstimates get worse with newer versions of Preform for my Form2.


By worse you mean less-accurate or longer? If you mean less accurate, I would love to see an example form file so we can get to the bottom of it.



By worse, I mean longer than Preform’s original printing estimate. In the past I always added 30-minutes to the estimate to account for tank heating, etc. Now it seems to be on the order of 60-minutes I need to add to the estimate. I’ve included the last item I printed (prior to latest firmware and Preform releases), a screen shot of the dashboard, and Preform’s (release 3.x) estimate.Fan-LED-Holder-01.form (778.5 KB)


Same deal here. Prints ALWAYS take quite a bit longer than what is estimated in preform. Just ran a job last night that estimates at 7 hours, 45 minutes, Actual time, 9 hours 18 minutes… I’d attach it, but its larger than the forum will allow. I’ll gladly send it to whoever would want to look at it, nothing in it is proprietary.

This problem existed in Preform 2.20 and looks to still be an issue in 3.0, which is what I used for the last print. The mini rafts are nice. :slight_smile:


We’ll investigate. Thanks.


In the upcoming Preform 3.0.2 release, we’ve made some improvements in print time estimation.
We’re looking forward to hearing back from you all about the accuracy of Preform’s estimates in the new release.