Print time estimates off by 100% in V3.21

I used to get annoyed because print times were off by a few minutes, but the most recent rev is off by 100% now. If it says 2 hours, it takes 4 hours. What happened? Is everyone else having the same problem?

I’ve got clients, they want to know when stuff will be ready. I give them the time out of Preform and it’s off by many, many hours, You guys are making me look bad! I finally took the numbers out of Preform and double them and that’s about right.

I saw in the release notes that time estimates had been improved. Bad news guys…

I’ve noticed the time estimates have been fairly poor recently.

The time estimates don’t take into account preheat times, and temperatures here have dropped recently. So I figured the estimate problem was related to the temperature in my garage.

Are you seeing this in a normal living-space room temperature?

That’s a good point. I’ll watch to see if room temp makes the difference. It seems to start printing fairly soon. I’ll have to get a thermometer in here. This Tough 1500 smells so bad I do have to keep the office doors wide open to let the smell out. Installing an exhaust fan soon in case it’s raining and I can’t keep the doors wide open. May have to graduate it to the garage too though because I really like the parts this Tough 1500 is making!

Yes, all of my prints are way off , usually by 100% sometime more sometimes less. Maybe the new update? Update keep messing my machine up.

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