Print Time estimate - is it just me?

The last few prints I’ve done, the print time estimate from Preform has been pretty darn accurate. I had been thinking the estimates were more accurate so this last job I just ran, I paid attention. Predicted 6:45 and it ran in 6:37.

One difference is that the space where my printer is located is warmer. It only took it a few minutes to hit the start temp. And then the fill also went much faster (undoubtedly because the resin in the cartridge is also warmer).

But even accounting for warmup and fill time (which in a colder space can take hours), the print time estimates did not seem to be as accurate earlier this year. I dimly remember something about print time estimate being addressed in a release note, maybe. If my recollection is correct, it looks like it’s working.

Also seems like maybe it’s printing a bit faster, which I definitely remember reading about in a release note. :slight_smile:


One other thing about print time. Priming now switches the heater on, so that prints start nearly straight away. The ambient here is around 28ºC so I’ll have to wait until it gets cooler before I can how well it works in ‘normal’ conditions.

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