Time not accurate

So, has anyone else been bothered by the estimate of time for a print, and the actual time it takes? I try to figure how much time to make a print, and the upload says maybe 10 hours but winds up taking 12+ hours. Most noticeable on longer prints, but is there a way to get more accurate estimates of the time that a print will take?

A very good point… Would be good to know why the software can predict the exact time.

I suspect it’s because tank refill time, pre-heat time, and maybe peel time can all vary in ways that cannot be accurately predicted.

I believe you are exactly right. I don’t think it calculates anything other than amount of layers multiplied by the time to print each layer with selected settings. This would exclude, warming, filling (and sensing), initial wiper agitating of resin, first few layers being compressed, refilling, peel and wipe.

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