Form 3 Print Time Estimate Wildly Off


So I recently printed a part on the Form 3 in Durable resin which took up most of the Z-axis build volume. The Form 3 told me the print would take ~12 hours, which seemed reasonable according to Form 2 standards.

The print ended up taking around 20 hours instead.

I’ve heard reports of this floating around the forums. It seems like the firmware is wildly underestimating the time required for the new peeling mechanism (I also notice that it has some REALLY long delays).

I’m assuming this will get better with FW updates, but can anyone shed some light on this?


I have a Form 3 also but use high temp resin and castable wax resin.
I noticed that printing at both 50um and 25um give bad estimates.
I’m often within the vicinity of the printer while it prints and sometimes i would notice the build platform elevate and stay elevated for a min or two while the wiper does its thing, for whatever reason it may be(dust, resin particles, mixing for consistent temp in the whole tank, idk…). I hypothesized that the print time estimator doesn’t take that into account. Another weakly supported thing I think I may have noticed is that the more layers you have, the worse the estimate. I think I noticed shorter jobs having less “extra” time than longer jobs having way more “extra” print time.
I know its all guesswork but hope this info helps


Yeah I’ve also noticed extremely long delays between peels. They’ll probably optimize this, but it’s somewhat annoying currently.


@DKirch This is a real problem! Many of us rely on the print time estimates to bill our customers and schedule prints, and if it’s way off, then we’ll end up losing money, customers or both! Please bring that to the attention of the software team! By the way, it is still not possible to calculate the print time in PreForm, which is also a no-no when it comes to an efficient workflow!


I’m having this same issue with draft resin: 6-8 hour estimated prints taking well over 13-15 hours. This means I cannot accurately figure out a production schedule/ when I need to be in the shop to change out for the next print. Thus wasting hours of time guessing or with the printer sitting idle…


Heard from a friend who also has a Form 3 that they had a relatively flat part that was grossly underestimated as well - so it’s not related to layer height & peel cycles as I originally though.

Thank goodness I still have my Form 2 as a backup machine.