Fix your time estimates!

Come on, Formlabs. You are definitely smart enough to get a handle on the wildly inaccurate print time estimates for your Form 3+ line of printers. I bought this printer after downloading and installing PreForm and getting a feel for the expected print times.

I have run 2 prints so far–one estimated at 6.5 hours that took over 15 hours to complete; the other estimated at 2.5 hours that took 13+ hours to complete.

How can you defend this? I spent over $4300 for a platform that does not even come close to supporting my workflow. UNACCEPTABLE. You are knowingly engaging in false advertising to sell a product that is obviously struggling to compete–at least be HONEST with your customers for what they are getting themselves into.

I do agree with this. I just printed something on my 3L that stated it would take 4 days and it printed in 17 hours.

I don’t get why this is so wildly off. Granted I am happy to have my 3L working normally after it’s initial release. But yes it’s time structure is wacko!

i happens to me as well (F3), it says, for example, 5 hours, but in reality it prints in around 3,5 hours or so.

Its crazy to me, that all the comments on this, say their prints are faster than the estimated time.

Mine is the opposite.

When my prints say 4 hours, its actually 6-7 hours.

Also, all of the new settings for the new Default from the last update, SUCKS. I have to go back to Legacy settings for my prints to work properly.

The time estimates displayed on the printer seem to not take any abnormalities into account.

The other day I was running a 3hr print with a brand new tray so it took a long time to fill. This was made worse when the resin tank was not quite properly seated causing a very slow pour that got stopped a couple of times. Once the resin tank was reinserted, it filled properly. But by then over an hour had passed. The second it finally started printing it was reading 60% completed! Clearly all it was doing was counting down from the initial print time estimate and said, “Well over an hour has passed, I must be over an hour into this print. And that means I’m 60% done.”

So it is not taking into account how long the printer has actually been printing, or even a bare minimum of how many layers it has completed. It should be smart enough to know that if it is on layer 1 of 200, it can’t possibly be 60% done.

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