FormLabs 3 print timing WAY OFF

Just received my FL3. I was printing large prints 17-24 hours. Four prints, I tried adaptive and 100m.

Each one was WAY off on completion timing like an 1-1/2 hrs. too soon.

Right now the printer has less than 20 layers and both the Dashboard as well as the print screen indicates that will take 1 hr and 30 minutes.

It doesn’t.

I have not tried adaptive. I also find print times estimates are also not great.

Seems to be worse when the object’s cross-sectional shape has quite a bit of variation. When printing simple things like a cube, the estimates tend to be pretty reliable.

I think the printer can have a hard time estimating as the print time depends on how quickly the wiper moves, and that depends on the viscosity of the resin, which depends on the operating temperature in the tank and the resin type, etc. If you are using a non-formlabs resin the printer can’t anticipate that, etc.

Not certain if other printers are more predictable in that regard.

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Yep, inaccurate print times is a known issue on the Form 3. Lots of complaints on the forums, especially from shops that quote jobs based on print time. It’s gotten better since launch but still needs work.

I imagine Formlabs will dial in more accurate estimates at some point, but are still working on issues they deem a higher priority (and/or are still collecting larger datasets to inform the calculations).

I don’t think the Form 3 can use third-party resin unless you use some unsupported method to trick it.

The Form 1+ is still accurate down to the second. Of course, all the steps are prescribed in advance and it doesn’t vary the process based on any real-time feedback.

My Form 2 is very accurate.

I dont see much difference in time or print detail between 100mu and Adaptive.