Printing time not accurate

I always had the impression that the printing time estimated wasn’t accurate.
I just had a look to the emails and here attached the result.
When starting it is stated 1h50mins and it took 25 minutes more, almost 25%.
Is this normal?

Very normal.

It’s perfectly normal and there are other posts on the forums talking about that, with most stats. Basically, depending on the volume, resolution, resin and state of the cartridge, the print estimate will vary from 0 to 100%, with most variability being limited to the 0-25% range.

Mostly, I think it’s the state of the cartridge that has the biggest influence : as it empties is fills the tank more slowly and thus the number of sensing/refill cycles increases, and those take a lot of time. This factor isn’t taken into account in PreForm as when you prepare a print you don’t necessarily know the state of the printer and cartridge.

I would like for Formlabs to add an option to “estimate print time on printer X” which would then take into account the state of the printer at that given time.

I’ve noticed, that the difference between estimated and real printing time increased with every release. Some time ago, I added 1/2 - 1 hour to an half day printing job and it fits. Yesterday, my estimated 16 hours job lasted 19 hours, nearly 20% plus! Three hours plus for sensing resin an refilling? I can’t believe that…
I think, the time for peeling and lifting after each layer and wiping is calculated wrong (or not at all?). The more layers, the more difference. You can see that at the end of a print. Every minute left lasts approx. 70-90 seconds… And that’s a resolvable issue.

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