Mixer Control

It would be convenient to have more control over the mixer. Typically, the mixer runs a few cycles prior to printing, however I have noticed that when a tank has been sitting for a little while with resin in it, manually mixing the resin by hand prior to printing yields more favorable results. I believe adding a maintenance screen similar to the motor moves screen would be very helpful. Just punch in the number of mixer cycles you want it to perform, etc.

you can do this with custom settings, just copy a resin profile you’re using and change only how many times the mixer moves prior to print

The custom settings actually made me think of this, but from my understanding that setting would be permanently tied to a job. I would like to have control over the mixer with the freedom to run any job I need after. I assume the reason for most prints mixing/wiping so little is due to wear on the tank, and I wouldn’t want a production print to cause unnecessary wear.

we had asked for a manual control mechanism in the maintenance menu, for moving the wiper, but they still haven’t implemented it (maybe they;ll never do it, i don’t know).

The wiper is not touching the film so I suppose it’s safe to do it as many times as you like.

For the custom job, maybe you can do it only once every now and then, you can even start a job with 50 wiper moves and then cancel it before it starts printing.

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