Form 3 Mixer Side

I noticed in the new Preform that the wiper side has been replaced with what’s called Mixer Side.

Do we have any information of how the mixer works or any explanation of this new process?

Hey there @aad345!

I just reached out to our software team, and they said the “Mixer/Wiper” designation should depend on what printer(a Form 3 or 2 respectively) you currently have selected.

If you’re noticing behavior that doesn’t line up with that, please let me know and I’d be happy to get you connected with our support team so we can get some bug information from you.

Alternatively, I may have misinterpreted your post, and maybe you’re asking how the mixer system in the Form 3 works? If that’s the case I’m happy to elaborate on that as well. :slight_smile:


I would love to know how it works or even see a video of it.

That’s what I understood from the original post, but in all cases I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to know how the “mixer” works on the Form 3.

From what I gather of the Wiper on the Form 2, it’s primary goals are to expose the PDMS to oxygen to reduce adhesion and to mix the resin. Is the former still a thing with the Form 3 ?

Happy to give a little more info!

The mixer is designed to circulate resin across the tank. This improves the consistency of the resin and ensures high quality finished parts. The mixer is positioned on the left side of the tank and can be magnetically coupled to the roller assembly on the Light Processing Unit (LPU). When coupled, the printed part will lift up and the mixer/LPU coupling will sweep across the resin tank to circulate the resin. The frequency of mixing is dependent on the type of resin.


This is exactly the information I was looking for! Is there a video showcasing this process? I’m very interested in this new system.