Wash Problem!

So, all things are looking good for the printing…but…I’m having a slight discolouration of the resin post wash. The Grey V3 is essentially bleaching after a 30 min wash in IPA (10min Pre-Wash, 20min Wash 2).

What is the normal process post-printing and does it include washing with water at any time! Obvious noob error if so…

How long did you let the part rest after washing? Discoloration is normal and as soon as the IPA is completely evaporated out of the part, the color should be back to normal again.

I’ve only had this issue when there was water contamination. Moisture in the IPA or rinsing the part in water after the IPA will cause the parts to turn white.

You can usually clean off the surface discoloration pretty easily with a scrub sponge or fine scotchbrite pad.

You don’t need to leave in in IPA for that long, I just do 10 minutes in the IPA and then rinse it off in a cleaner container of IPA to since the first one will accumulate resin over time.
After that I rinse in water and it turns out fine, the only time I get any residue is because of the IPA being too dirty. If you rinse in water make sure the lights are turned down, since it will cure more quickly when water is on the surface and that can cause uneven coloration.