Can prints be rinsed in water prior to the IPA bath?

Printing with grey resin, I’ve been noticing that there’s a noticeable amount of liquid resin on the build plate and print that is causing the IPA in our Form Wash to lose potency too quickly when it all gets mixed into the bath.

Can I safely rinse the bulk of liquid resin off with water prior to the actual IPA wash to extend the viability of our IPA?

Water can have an effect on the surface of the parts. Turning them white and/or chalky.

If you want to have less contamination in the form wash try blotting the parts with disposable towels before the Form wash.

That’s good to know!

I suppose another method could be having a second IPA bath that’s just for the initial dunk and wiggle, which wouldn’t need to be particularly concentrated.

You could also detach the parts and use the metal bucket to clean the parts, thus allowing you to take your time cleaning the BP while the Wash does its job. If you print small parts then most of the resin is on the build platform anyway.