End of resin tray life? > 1L of grey

Am I coming to the end of this trays life already? I’m still on my first bottle of grey that came with the printer (Which I’ve had very little useful output from - see other post).

last nights print came out with this weird circular texture, there are no supports on the back of it to cause it.

That looks like the pattern from the wash basket. Was that face sitting down in the IPA wash? Try washing with the raft sitting on the basket instead.


@Cody OOOhhhh!

Mother of mary – Yes, it might have been. I had 8 parts in there for around 2 hours… they were all randomly jumbled up

Learning all the time - the hard way.



Noooo! 2 hours is way too long. Your prints are swelling and deforming with that long a soak. RTFM, my friend. I think Grey calls for 20 minutes of IPA soak, 10 mins in tank 1, 10 in tank 2.

I tend to agitate the IPA during rinse, either by pulling the wash basket up/down slowly or putting a lid on the tank and shaking it. This lets me reduce the IPA soak time by about half, which I need to do because many of the parts I print have very thin walls and 20 minutes is too long, they get soft and mushy.

I had a magnetic stirrer I made, but it went to magnetic-stirrer-heaven in a glorious cloud of magic smoke and I haven’t rebuilt it…

I think you’re supposed to remove the bubble wrap from the printer before you use it! :slight_smile:

@Randy_Cohen yeah, I don’t usually leave my parts in for that long, I had to go out and my kid was bothering me to get it done.
Some little Minecraft figures he designed and wanted to drown in paint :wink:
Thanks for the info though, as I didn’t realise that too long in the IPA may be detrimental, cheers!

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