Warhammer 40K Imperial knight Paladin


I adore the Warhammer universe, I even have a small collection of models and only now I realized that I can replenish it. thanks for the idea! and yes, great job!


what do you think? Warhound Titan


That looks very cool. Did you print that, or is that a ForgeWorld kit?

I have one too, but haven’t put him together yet.


oooh, it looks veeeery cool. I want this guy to my collection :slight_smile:

I have seen this before Warhound Titan, but I liked yours much more.


This is the one I bought, but of course, it doesn’t look like that, it’s a hundred pieces or more of resin that need cleaning, assembly and ultimately painting, to make it look like it.


These are nothing short of “works of art”. As Indiana Jones would say, “They belong in a museum!” LOL


Good job. I like it very much.