Warhammer 40K Herald of Khorne Bloodletter

Here is a print I did a about a month ago, but didn’t get a chnace to paint it until last night. This is a Warhammer 40K miniature sculpted by filipturz and posted on Thingiverse:

The model is extremely detailed and deserving of a detailed print. Since it’s a Warhammer miniature, I tried to scale it down to the correct size, but since I don’t have any other Blood demon miniatures to go by, I used the skulls on his belt as a reference, so the model (from the top of the base) is about 3".

I hollowed out the base down to 2mm walls, abd removed the botoom, but I should have added additional support around the perimeter of the base. As it turned out, the edge of the base warped at the front of the model. However, it did not affect the rest of the model.

The miniature was primed and painted using Citadel acrylic colors using a Games Workshop photo of a bloodletter as a reference.


I’m always impressed by your painting ability and the small ferns around the base are a great touch :slight_smile:

Thank you.

I can’t take credit for making the little tufts. Those are pre-made, come in different sizes, ready to apply to a model. They are readily available from most hobby stores.