Crux Terminatus Inspired Warhammer 40k Cold Casted Prop

Loving the imagery of Warhammer 40k, I decided to create something that could be seen in that universe.
This is only my second print on my Form2 and I am loving it.

I started the project sculpting the skull in Zbrush and then making the cross in Fusion360.
Trying to take push my mold and casting skill, I decided to try Cold Casting this piece with bronze powder to see how it would turn out. Needless to say I LOVED the outcome and cant wait to do more!

My camera is not that great so you cannot really see the tiny detail in the bronze finish. I used steel wool to give the surface imperfections and I picked up a trick using a spoon to burnish the surface for a very cool specular shine.

Any questions, comments or critiques are welcome.

Jet Blaque

The Process

Step 1: Sculpting the piece - The final sculpt from Pixologic Zbrush.

Step 2: Printing - SLA Print. The Form2 handled the details amazingly, I am so happy with the result of this print. I also really dig the clear resin material. I used my Ipad flashlight app to back light the piece to show off the details.

Step 3: Molding and Casting - This is the first casting of the SLA Mother, the detail is amazing! I really wish that I had a better camera.

Step 4: Cold Casting - I really wanted my piece to shine…literally but I didn’t want to use paint to achieve the finished look as paint my have taken away details of the sculpt. I did a little research and discovered “Cold Casting” to give this piece a metallic shine. I think it came out quite nice…I cant wait to do more.


Nice cold cast!
What filler did you use ?
Also agree that you need a way to get better pictures :slight_smile:

Thanks for the compliment 3dvs! I used bronze powder from Smooth On, I got it at a shop in North Hollywood.
Yes, I NEED a better camera!