Copper Cast

My first successful investment casting of a Form print. Used clear resin (casting resin is practically unusable for prints larger than jewlery).

Next, I am going to cast the horns out of aluminum.

Here’s what the mold looked like after burnout was complete.


Looks good. Very interesting. What CAD app did you use to create the file? Or, was it a 3D scan?

Thanks! I think it is a scan. Downloaded it from:

Ram Skull

Splendid detail and finish ! What was your burnout schedule ?

Thank you! I ramped up to 740C over two hours, held at 740C for about 5 hours, then took it out right before pouring.

The investment was 50% plaster of paris and 50% sand.

Thanks for the details, very interesting that the temperature wasn’t so high (I’m no expert but I have often seen over 1000°C on the internet).