First Print: Purity Seal War Hammer 40K Prop

Hello all, this is my first post and my first print. I was asked to create something based on a “Purity Seal” from the popular table top game “Warhammer 40k”.

I learned a lot on this project…this was my first time creating something with the Form2 and mold making.
I started the process using Pixologic Zbrush to create the sculpt and SmoothOn products to create the molds and pours. I am open to any crits. I am already in the middle of creating something “the same but different” and will post it on here soon.


Step 1: Zbrush Sculpt

Step 2: 3D FFD Print for size in hand.

Step 3: SLA Print on the Form2…look at that crispness! A superior print.

Step 4: Silicone Mold

Step 5: Final Resin Pull…now it’s ready for paint!


That’s a really nice print and resin cast result!
I still have to try making a cold casting with Smooth-On!

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I LOVE the result cold casting…stay tuned, that is my next upload!