My largest model yet + ApplyLabWorks Grey

Here is my latest print. It’s a Eldar Revenant Titan, and it also happens to be the largest single model I’ve printed to date on the Form 1+.

The model was printed using ApplyLabWorks Grey resin, It’s 25 parts and when assembled it’s about 15" long. the pulsars are 11" long. Even though all the parts were hollowed out to 1.65mm thick walls, it still used about 650ml of resin.

All the parts have been printed, and partially assembled. The color scheme is black and bone white, with copper trim. Since the pose is action oriented, and leaning forward, the center of gravity is almost off the base. For this reason the legs had to be pinned to the base. The base itself is wood, and it’s layered with natural slate, which give it some needed weight

Anyway, this is work in progress, so There’s a lot of painting to do. I’ll post more photos after it’s finished.


Nice work ! Eager to see the finished shots :wink:

It looks so beautiful. Hope I could learn more from you and do good on my old F1+.
I should try ApplyLabworks resin on my F2 as well.

Looks good. Keep up the great work.