Volume support in formlabs fomr 2


How can we use volume supports that we use for 3dsystems SLA printers on our Formlabs machine?

I tried using these type of support but the mesh support is converted into solid support by Preform software automatically.

Please help.

Thank you.

These type of support.

Hey there!

The way to use non-standard supports in PreForm is to integrate them into the actual .STL you’re importing.

That being said, the large flat surfaces parallel to the Build Platform in the picture you posted make me nervous.

That type of orientation doesn’t play very nicely with SLA printing. You’ll want that part at an angle in at least one axis, preferable two. :slight_smile:

Hey Thanks,

The image is just for the reference. I know this orientation wont work.
When I combine this kind of supports, its still just a 2dimensional support and not 3D, The prefrom software makes it solid that is very hard to cut.

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Are you using magics?

I don’t think the supports can sustain the peeling force since Formlabs machine is printing upside down.


I am using Netfabb software.
if i add more support it should sustain the peeling but the problem is preform is not accepting this kinda supports.

Thank you.