Alternate Part Support Generation

I’m curious if anyone has developed a work flow using alternative software and support generation? Using Formware, Netfabb, Prusa Slicer, etc and then exporting the stl with supports to Preform.

I’ve been using Prusa Slicer on our MSLA printer and then exporting for slicing to Chitubox. I’ve also run a few prints this way on the Form 3 with good success. Personally I much prefer the supports made by Prusa Slicer as they use less material, are very very easy to remove and leave very tiny, much less noticeable, contact points.

Any recommendations or experiences are appreciated.

My company trialed Netfabb but we found it to be cumbersome and no better at creating supports than Preform so we did not end up purchasing it. Plus it is very expensive.

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Yes, Netfabb is quite pricey. I wouldn’t buy it just for this application. I have a call with them to see if it can do multi level supports the way I want them. To date I have not seen any software packages do nesting/stacking the way I think it should be done, e.g., not the formware way.